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Screen Printing Ink

Ink Chart

We have a wide selection of stock ink colors to choose from. Inks types range from basic colors, florescents, metallics and special effect inks. We do have additional specialty inks in stock that do not appear on this chart. Our art department will gladly help you in choosing inks that will bring out the best in your artwork. 
The chart below will help give you a idea of what is available. If you need a specific color or type of ink that is not in our chart, we can show you what is available to order. We can also mix inks to match Pantone® or custom colors for an additional fee.

Plastisol, Foil, & Metallic Ink Chart

Pantone Color Finding Chart

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Can anyone print with Relik?

Unfortunately, no. Relik Ink focuses on wholesale and contract screen printing with marketing firms, distributors, re-sellers, and other industry embellishers. Our client usually has a resale certificate, FEIN, and current business license for our industry. Our services are typically reserved for large volume orders. Check out our Pricing & Plans page if you'd like to apply.

Is pricing negotiable?

Our price lists are all encompassing for all scenarios and volumes. We make all efforts, and even suggestions, to keep prices as low as possible. For this reason our prices are not negotiable. If you are unsure of pricing for your project, reach out to us with your finalized art and quantities and we'll be able to assist you..

What is your lead time?

Our typical lead time is 7-10 working days. Please understand that this does not include weekend days as work days. For reference, if we receive your order on a Monday the following Monday will be 5 working days.  We do have rush options available, if there is a window, for an additional fee.

What are your hours of operation?

We are available Monday through Friday from 9am - 5pm. Our facilities are closed to the public. If you are one of our approved accounts, please reach out and give us a heads up if you plan to stop by.

Do you offer Delivery?

We do not provide local delivery. Local accounts may pick up from our facility with notice. We ship nationwide using UPS or FedEx. We also accept 3rd party shipping accounts for UPS and FedEx.

What's my order status?

Has your order shipped? Need to change something? Are you missing pieces for your job? Click Here for all of your order inquiry questions.

What are your return policies?

We do not offer returns or refunds on embellished goods. We have a variety of policies regarding defects, returns, security, and terms and conditions. You can read about all of them by Clicking Here.

Do you have a privacy policy?

As contract printers, your privacy is held to the highest regard in standards. None of your product will show our brand, affiliation, or name as your provider. For drop-ship orders we ask that you request blind shipping. You can read more of our privacy policies here.

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We are the proud instructors of Ryonet's Screen Print Experience - Florida

This class includes blank t-shirts provided for you to practice your new knowledge, lunch for both days (call a week prior for vegetarian options), Ryonet's digital screen printing class book and materials for note-taking. Most importantly, the skills and knowledge to progress in the industry

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